La Dolce Vita Bloggers Linkup – April 2017

While life isn’t always a bowl full of cherries, I think its important as Kelly @kellysdolcevita points out, to focus on the sweeter things in life.  I have taken Kelly up on her open invitation and have decided to participate in this months La Dolce Vita Bloggers Linkup.  The purpose of the link up is to reflect on the good at the end of each month and a way to stay connected, support and inspire our fellow bloggers.  What a wonderful idea, Kelly!  If you are interested in learning more or wishing to participate, please read Kelly’s “La Dolce Vita Bloggers Linkup {April 2017}” (published on 4/27/17) post at πŸ™‚


an epiphany


This past month I have come to the realization that just because I am a busy, working, baseball mom,  that doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to push my own hobbies and intrests aside.  I am realizing the importance of setting time aside often to do the things that I love and enjoy insead of constantly catering to the demands of life.  Admittedly, it often takes careful planning and an occasional sacrifice, but it CAN be done!  I’m learning that it is VERY possible to manage being a wife, mom, employee, sister and friend all while still making the time to do the things that I enjoy for myself.  It makes life fun, interesting and overall even more enjoyable.  πŸ™‚


an act of kindness


I’ve never spent a holiday with friends instead of family.  So, when Francisco’s good friend Brian, invited us over for Easter, I was a little hesitant to accept the invitation.  Since we didn’t have any definite plans already in place, I thought…”why not?” and we took him up on his offer.  Brian recently bought his home and has been doing some decorating and purchasing of new furniture, so I think he was pretty excited about hosting the holiday.  Upon arrival, he had three Easter baskets filled to max capacity with toys and goodies for each of the kids in attendance.  Being that he is a single man without any chidren of his own, I was beyond impressed and thought it was incredibly  thoughtful of him to go out of his way and to think about our boys in such a generous way.  Brian even had some special treats prepared for Francisco and I!  The afternoon turned out to be wonderfully spent and all in good company.  The kids dyed eggs, decorated cupcakes and had an indoor egg hunt (due to the heavy rain that day).  Great memories were made for sure!!!


a good read


Besides the recipes and the hundreds of informational articles that I read in a months time, I don’t get in nearly as much “for fun”reading in as I’d like to.  However, I do make the time to read bedtime stories with Carson.  This month we have been exploring the works of Dr. Seuess.  Carson and I equally enjoy a silly rhyming story.  Most recently we read Daisy-Head Mayzie.  If you aren’t already fimiliar with this book, it’s about a little girl named Mayzie who suddenly sprouts a daisy up out of her head.  It’s a sweet and funny read about her journey that goes along when one starts growing a flower on top of their head.  This book gave us lots of giggles.  It’s always fun and intresting listening to Carsons thoughts after reading a story like this.  I notice that clever stories such as those written by Dr. Seuess help his own gears start turning and its incredible to hear his views afterwards.  πŸ™‚


an unforgettable memory


This month Dominic and I took a quick road trip together, just he and I.  We drove from our home in Central California to my Aunt and Uncles home just outside of Reno, NV.  Most of the hours spent on the road were spent by me singing to some of my favorite music artists.  (The Red Hot Chili Peppers station on Pandoa is usually my go to on road trips.)  Dom was such a sweetheart, I don’t think he complained about my lack of vocal talent once!  During our trip my awesome uncle took Dominic out in his Jeep and let him drive out on the dirt roads.  They even did some 4-wheeling!  As a 12 year old, I can tell you first hand how exciting an opportunity like that is! When Kelly (@kellysdolcevita) and I were about that age, he did the same thing with us.  Those are such great memories that Dominic and I will forever have with my Uncle.  πŸ™‚


something delicious


Being that sushi is my most favorite, I have never ordered anything but when dining out for sushi.  Francisco celebrates his birthday in the month of April so for his birthday dinner we went to one of our favorite sushi spots that night.  For some reason I felt like straying from the norm and ordered Udon noodles instead.  The noodles were unlike any that  I’ve ever tasted.  They were very thick and soft and extremely filling.  The broth was so full of flavor that I was tempted to raise the bowl to my face and guzzle it straight down.  I decided that probably wouldnt appear to be very lady like so I resisted the urge.  I will for sure order that again and may even attempt to recreate the recipe at home.  I think Dominic would enjoy it a lot!


something i’m looking forward to


I have been blessed enough as a working mom to only work four days out of the week.  I honestly don’t know how moms that work full time manage it all.  I mean, how do they get everything done and still have time to rest?  During the first week in May I’ll be taking some time off of work and I am very much looking forward to being able to spend even more time at home with the boys.  I am reminded often how quickly they are growing and I understand the need to cherish the moments that I have at home with them.  We don’t have any special plans during that time, but sometimes thats when the best quality time is spent.  πŸ™‚





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