Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese


kitchen tunes: lush life by zara larsson


six slices of sourdough bread

3 TBSP butter

1/2 C mascarpone cheese

1 C cheddar cheese, shredded

1/2 jar of trader joes Hot & Sweet Jalapenos slices




  • Preheat a cast iron griddle over medium heat
  • Butter one side of each slice of bread
  • On the other side of the bread, spread evenly with mascarpone cheese
  • Once the griddle is hot, place three slices of bread onto the grill, butter side down.
  • Top with 1/3 C of the shredded cheddar cheese.
  • Top the cheddar cheese with 7-8 slices of jalapeno slices
  • Next, place the second slice of bread on top, butter side up, and gently press into the griddle using the backside of a wooden spatula.
  • Grill for 2-3 minutes, and carefully flip, grilling an additional 2-3 minutes or until evenly browned on both sides.
  • Cut in half.  ENJOY!

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